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About us


Ideal Agencies was founded in 1965 by Mr. Andre Schautteet, he created this platform that we are now thriving from.
Mark and Ronel later took over and have taken the market head on since 1995.

Our Mission was to gradually expand in the field of Building and Construction, providing the customer with his everyday “small-plant” construction needs.

We started importing our own brand IDEAL POWER in order to provide the public with a product that we have confidence and reliability in, that we could source ourselves and put our mark on it.

Today we offer a wide range of “small-plant” machinery and every spare part that goes with it, our products are very carefully selected and tested in the field.

We are still expanding and researching the industries needs as changes happen in the field. There are so many aspects that influence the market when it comes to building and construction needs, due to climate and economical changes so we do our best to adapt accordingly.

Our product IDEAL POWER was launched in 2009 and has definitely proven itself in the market.

Our vision is to keep expanding, to provide our customers with all they need at affordable prices. We have a full service workshop and provide a full range of new quality replacement spares to back our product and also many other products, namely Kohler, Hoffmann, Robin EH12 and Honda to name a few.

Here at Ideal Agencies we strive for perfection, loyalty, quality and efficiency towards our customers, a happy customer is our main mission.